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Prism 3D

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Prism Kites 3D kite
Prism Kites 3D kite
Prism Kites 3D kite
Prism Kites 3D kite
Prism Kites 3D kite

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Kite Made by:

  Prism Kites

3D Kite Weight:
1.95 oz (54 g)

3D Kite Dimensions:
48 in (122 cm) span

3D Kite Bridle:
Reverse turbo

3D Wind Range:
0-10 mph

Skill level: Beginner to expert

3D Sail Material:
Ripstop polyester

3D Kite Frame:
Avia .098 MicroCarbon

Kite Wing Loading:
0.57 oz/ft?

Kite Line Recommended:
15 lb x 18 ft MicroLine

The 3D Kite Package Includes:
  • Nylon kite sleeve
  • 50 lb x 18 ft Spectra kite line on mini-winder
  • Finger kite loops

The Prism 3D is a great, simple ultralight. Perfect for indoors or out, this kite's compact design makes launching from tight spaces a simple matter. Capable of a wide range of maneuvers, and easy to control, the Prism 3D is well-suited for anyone new to stunt kites, but its versatility will mean you always want it in your bag, no matter how good you get. The 3D still holds the record for longest indoor flight: 6 hours and 6 minutes! This is a kite you'll definitely want to keep around.

The Prism 3D comes complete with everything you need to fly, including 50 lb x 18 ft Micro-spectra kite line and finger loops.

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