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Prism Quantum Pro SUL

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Prism Kites Quantum Pro SUL kite
Prism Kites Quantum Pro SUL kite
Prism Kites Quantum Pro SUL kite
Prism Kites Quantum Pro SUL kite
Prism Kites Quantum Pro SUL kite

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Quantum Pro SUL

Kite Made by:

  Prism Kites

Quantum Pro SUL Kite Weight:
8 ounces

Quantum Pro SUL Kite Dimensions:
94 x 41 inches

Quantum Pro SUL Wind Range:
1-6 mph

Skill level: Expert

Quantum Pro SUL Sail Material:
Ripstop Polyester/Mylar Laminate

Quantum Pro SUL Kite Frame:
Wrapped carbon: Tapered 3PT Lower Spreader, 2PT Leading Edge

Kite Line Recommended:
50 lb Spectra (not included)

Weighing in at only eight ounces, and with a wingspan of nearly eight feet (7 feet and 10 inches to be exact), Prism's precision Quantum Pro Super Ultralight stunt kite performs with the slightest breath of wind.

Designed and built with Prism's standard attention to excellence, the Quantum Pro Super Ultralight sports the highest grade lightweight materials available, ripstop polyester and mylar laminate sail wrapped around a wrapped carbon kite frame. If you are hoooked on stunt kites, this limited edition super ultralight is a must-have.

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