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Prism Kites Hypnotist Kite The Hypnotist
by Prism Kites:

Ready to do more with stunt kites? The Prism Hypnotist is your next step. ...more


Jazz Kite
A perfect trainer stunt kite to jazz up your skies. Prism kite line included. ...more

Scarab Beetle

Scarab Beetle Kite


Micron Kite
This itty-bitty stunt kite comes raring to fly. Flight line and 25 ft tail included. ...more


SR2 Kite
This trainer stunt kite from Premier Kites comes complete and ready to fly. ...more

Quantum Pro

Quantum Pro Kite
Top-of-the-line kite technology and precision for serious stunt kite enthusiasts. ...more


Nexus Kite
This Prism trainer stunt kite breaks-down to 26 inches for easy travel. Kite comes ready to fly. ...more

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